Cast Iron Waffle Maker The Great American Waffle Iron

Bring home more than just a cast iron waffle iron. Bring home a family tradition and make memories with our Cast Iron Great American Waffle Iron

Who is this Amazing Cast Iron Waffle Maker for?

The Great American Cast Iron Waffle Maker is made for the patriot, the family that enjoys quality food, the cook, the baker, the traditionalist, the historian. This Waffle Iron is made to honor our country and to provide the highest quality waffle that your family can make. 

Cast Iron Waffle Maker

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The Great American Waffle Maker

We are seeking your help to launch The Great American Waffle iron.  This is a multi-generational cook piece that pays homage to the 100+ year old waffle makers still in use around the country.  It comes with a Lifetime warranty covering materials and workmanship.  We have patriotic exterior artwork and a unique pattern on the  interior.  So, how did this come about? 

For the past 30 years I have been fascinated by antique waffle irons and collected several.  After cooking with my very first one, I immediately reached into my cabinet, pulled out my electric waffle iron and dropped it into the trash.  It was only a few years old and already had damage to the non-stick coating and I knew the plastic legs weren’t going to last.  I now had a real, permanent, cast iron waffle maker, a 160 year old North, Hamilton and Chase.   There was no looking back.  As my children grew up, it was always a privilege for one to pick which waffle iron we would use on Saturday morning (we tried to take turns).

We have eight waffle irons featuring all sorts of artwork and everyone has his favorite.  The person whose turn it was to choose the waffle iron for that morning would often try to remember which one had not been used in a while.  We found ourselves treating the waffle irons like special guests that deserved to be used (even if its particular design wasn’t an absolute favorite.)  Granted, I knew they were just waffle irons, but they were also like revered older relatives that deserve to have their stories told.  We really did try to rotate and make sure that all of them got used on a regular basis. 

When guests were in town for the weekend, they often were given the opportunity to pick which waffle iron would be used for breakfast.  This meant that each waffle iron had to come out of the pantry and be presented.  My children would excitedly tell our guest about all the details and cooking characteristics of each.  It is a wonderful thing to see your children explain to another person in great, animated detail about the many technical and artistic nuances of a practical and cherished object like our waffle irons.   I knew more families would benefit from this simple experience . . . From this, a dream was born.  

As a family, we began to imagine how we would bring a cast iron waffle iron to others.  We looked at the features and art on our antique waffle irons and knew we wanted to do this right!  After countless hours, many ideas were fully developed and retired as better ideas came forth. We bring to you the Great American Waffle Iron(GAWI).  She shines with patriotism and cooks with tempered authority.  Her design is a little thicker than many antiques, providing  more even heat and a better cooking experience.  

She performs incredibly well, producing evenly cooked waffles over a variety of temperature ranges.  We have cooked on gas, coil top, and glass top stoves with excellent results.  (At my wife’s urging, we are pursuing the production of a silicone pad for our glass top customers, should they have any reservations.)  

We produced our first prototype of the Great American Waffle Iron in August 2019.  Since that time, we have cooked more than 300 waffles on it and have never had a waffle fail to release.  I didn’t take it easy on her, either.  Her very first waffle was made from cooked oatmeal combined with a beaten egg.  I doubt there are more difficult trials for a waffle iron than that combination.  There was no butter or oil mixed in–it was a trial by fire, so to speak.  She met the challenge and patiently shrugged it off, waiting for more.  I was so thankful.  Her geometry is perfect.   She gives a beautiful release and cooks evenly.  Admittedly, she carries a couple of extra pounds (literally), and she is well worth it.  Our historic example is about 10 pounds.  The Great American Waffle Iron prototype is 12.5 pounds.

The final production version is expected to be pretty close to that.  The extra two pounds is mostly in the paddles and is a real advantage, dispersing the heat and helping to prevent hot spots.  (some of our historic examples have very dissimilar cooking zones.)   

We have invested a great deal of time and resources to get this far.  Our prototypes are a result of a lot of labor by numerous professionals with several skill sets.  The prototypes were poured in a small batch foundry. 

We are now ready to come to you to give you the opportunity to be part of the story.  We need to raise $100,000 to have our patterns re-worked into production capable patterns and perform a first production run.  During this development phase we have achieved a patent pending status and have proven the geometry works in cooking a great waffle.  The Great American Waffle Iron really catches the eye of all who see her.  Our prototype is  admittedly a little lacking in fit and finish. By re-working the patterns, though, with a CAD capable pattern shop, fit and finish of production pieces will be very high.  Furthermore, she will be made right here in America by American tradespeople.  (Even our reward T-shirts are made in America.)  So, please, join us in backing the Appalachian Cast Iron Company so we can bring you the Great American Waffle Iron.  Your family, too, will talk fondly decades from now about making waffles with this beautiful piece. 

Lastly, we need your help.  Pledge what you can, catch the vision for this instant heirloom.  Tell your friends in person and online and be a part of the story that brings the Great American Waffle Iron to life.